Who should work with us?

Retailers and Companies who require customized design with their logo printed. You may also select from our existing design for a bulk order.

For wedding/new birth/anniversary gifts

We include your name, pictures and the special date embroidered or silkscreened on the bag. This comes with a minimum order quantity. For further info, please send us an email at wholesale@bagsjourney.com.

Wholesale minimum order.

a) Please refer to the info provided on the specific design/item. Email us at wholesale@bagsjourney.com for further information.

Wholesale for OEM Enquiry.

* Megan’s Design

Minimum order of 1000 pieces per design. We will provide a design for you. Unless, an artwork is required, a fee of Euro 150.00 per design, a maximum of 2 artworks.  Additional changes will be charged at Euro 30.00 per artwork. Email us at customize@bagsjourney.com for further information.

* Customize Your Design

Minimum order of 1000 pieces per design. Email customize@bagsjourney.com with your design details & specifications.

Sample fees

The fee is refundable upon confirmation of order, subject to a maximum total samples fees not exceeding Euro 200.00 unless a prior agreement is agreed upon.   Otherwise, a fee of Euro 150.00 per sample is chargeable. Please email us for further clarifications as it depends on case to case basis.